What Happens When you Change WhatsApp Number


Although WhatsApp allows you to change your number, you may be thinking if your contacts will be informed about it. Is not it? There may be a handful of reasons you might be shifting your number.

That I have noticed a handful of folks broadcasting a detailed message about the number change, but they do it entirely wrong. Actually, there is no demand for broadcasting a message yourself when WhatsApp can automate the job for you. Evidently, WhatsApp will not do this without your commands. In case you are wondering how things function, Here Is a comprehensive guide:

How to Change WhatsApp Number

Clearly, you truly have to change the number before you can provide the control to WhatsApp to inform your buddies about the number change. Let’s find out how to make to work.

1: Launch WhatsApp and head to the’Settings’.

2: In the’WhatsApp Settings’, tap on’Account’. Once you are done, tap on’Next’.

3: Then, you’ll be asked if you wish to inform your Contacts about the number change. You must have got your answer now, right?

WhatsApp offers you complete freedom to chose if you would like to inform your contacts when you change your WhatsApp number. It is up to you how you wish to take care of this. You may either notify all of your contacts, the more contacts you have chats with or particular people from your mailing list. Regardless of that, all the groups will be informed by default. There’s no escape from the Groups.

What Is Going to Happen On Your Chats Following the Number Change

You will not lose some of your chats, no matter how often you change your WhatsApp number. Follow the above actions to change your WhatsApp number, and you’ll see no difference in your conversation history. Make sure to choose the backup, merely to be on the secure side.

To copy your WhatsApp chats, head to’Settings’ >’Chats’ >’Chat Backup’ >’Back Up’.

In Case you are Changing Phone, Not Number

Switching from Android to Android or iOS into iOS will not have any impact on your discussion history, provided you have already backed up your chats to Google push or iCloud respectively. However, should you wish to switch from iOS to Android, here’s our detailed guide on how you can Migrate WhatsApp Chats from iPhone on Android.


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