How to Show Battery Temperature and Percentage in Status Bar on Android


Android devices are manufactured by a great deal of companies and they all make subtle adjustments to the initial Android version to provide a special experience. As a result of this, there are few Android smartphone’s that show battery percent along with the level while many don’t. Aside from this if you wish to look at battery temperature at all times? I don’t think any Android cellphone displays that currently. To help you with revealing battery temperature and percent in status bar on Android without root we are here with this tutorial.

There’s no denying the fact that Android smartphones have a great deal of overheating problems. To deal with there lots of cooling programs on the Play Store accessible at no cost. If you are among those users who want to keep them updated using the battery temperatures then all you will need is an app and a few taps toget it to display in your device’s screen all the time and even on the lock screen. This ‘s just how.

DisplayBattery Temperature and Altered in Status Bar on Android

To get started, you want to install an amazing program by the name of Cool Tool from Play Store or utilize the next link.

Launch the program once it’s installed. You will also discover other selections like CPU Usage, RAM etc..

To enable battery level and temperature in status bar tap on the round hide/show button to the left of 3 dots.

Woah! For this, you will realize a floating window in the very top left showing the information you selected previously.

This window functions just like a status bar. It remains on the screen and every time. Therefore it allows you to have an eye on the statistics from any screen.

Change the Location, Font, and Theme of Window

In case you want the information to be shown at another location then select the Main tab.

Head into the bottom and apply the wheel icon to correct the position of the battery level and temperature information window.

From precisely the exact same screen, you can change the font of the text in the bar.

You might even select another theme for the status bar . So as to accomplish this, then tap on the Theming tab and select the desired topic.

Now, you can remain updated with the necessary information linked to your Android device employing the status window window that this program provides. This is one of the most useful programs I have tried. What about you? Tell us your ideas in the comments.


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