How To Save WebP Images As JPG Or PNG Formats


WebP images, a brand new format for images which provides superior quality with least compression of information on the web pages. These imageformats aren’t much popular amongst other developers. But all of the Google products as well as the Opera browsers support such format of web images.

Whilesaving WebP images from such browsers or Google websites, you might have discovered it saves the images as WebP format. All these formats are excellent, but nevertheless, you’ll require a browser to open the saved images with those formats or else you obtained ‘tbe able to get them. But if you want, you can spare them into regularJPEG or PNG format and utilize them as a normal image.

Which Are WebP Pictures?

WebP,as the name implies is a picture format created for the web pages and internet contents. Lossless compression means that when the file is compressed, it is possible to still get the initial information after decompressing it. While lossy implies while compressing a file a few of its information will be erased. The file can be decompressed but you won’t be able to recover the original information, which is unnoticeable.

Convert And Conserve WebP As A Picture With JPG/PNG Format

There are two ways to save the WebP images from the own Chrome browser and a few additional ones that could be convenient. All of them are simple to use, but nevertheless, I like the second method since it’s easy and fast.

Method 1

Here you can save yourself any WebP images as JPEG or PNG formats by simply editing the URL link. For that just open the target web page using the image which you want to save. Here I have used the Google Play Store.

Now right click on the desired image and choose Open image in new tab.

Once the image is available, click on the URL and edit it from eliminating the previous three letters i.e -rwand hit enter. This will open the image again, but this time with the initial format.

Click on the image and choose Save image as. . .Now you’ll be able to find the image will be saved as a JPEG or PNG format whichever is available.

Method 2

Inside this procedure, you can prevent saving images in WebP format in Google Chrome utilizing Chrome Extension. Proceed into theChrome Web Store, hunt for Save Picture as Sort and install that extension or directly go to this hyperlink.

Afterward, as normal, click any image and you’ll observe the optionSave Picture As Sort.

Select in the desirable formats along with the image is going to be saved.


Screenshots Tools

While the aforementioned methods are more than enough to save the WepP format images as JPEG or PNG formats, I will share another easy idea that you may test if you would like to. Simply use any screenshot programs for Windows like Sniping Tool.

As the majority of the screenshot programs save the target image as PNG or JPEG you may use them for conserving WebP pictures also. Choose the desired image thatyou wish to catch and save it. The only thing for this procedure is that you may always not get the desired image resolution or size as the original image would need. But it is going to certainly work.

Online Converter

You could even utilize online converters like Cloud Convert which can enable you to convert the saved WebP format images to JPEG. You can perform batch conversions of WebP into JPEG of unique files here easily.

Visit Official Site

Final Words

All the methods mentioned above can enable you to save the WebP images as JPEG or PNG. You can later use these saved images as regular photos and get them with no browsers. As mentioned earlier I would like the second method, utilizing the Chrome extension. This way you can save the images in the customary manner without having to edit or open any other tabs. Which do you prefer?


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