How to Report Fake News on Facebook


Facebook does contain cool info and posts but it is not free of spam. How frequently do you come across false news or stories in your feed? Too often? Well, did you know besides dismissing it and scroll down to see different stories in your feed that you can flag it fake? Flagging such posts will not only keep uploader of bogus news away but also protect others from getting the incorrect information. Within this tutorial, you’ll find the measures to record fake news on Facebook from website or Android/iOS app.

Report Fake News on Facebook

The procedure is still the same for the app in addition to website. HereI have used screenshots in the website.

  1. Proceed the post which has fake news. Click on the downward pointing arrow at the top right of this post and choose Report Post(site ) or Report this post(program ).
  2. On the upcoming pop-up window/screen choose, I think it shouldn’t be about Facebook and click Continue.
  3. With this, you’ve reported Facebook of this inappropriate news. If you want you can block, unlike(if it’s a webpage ), conceal all posts from this account while following or message the account who printed that post.

Please note that reporting post with correct information is not likely to work. As Facebook usesother indicates like shares and much more to detect hoax news stories. Furthermore, they are working together with fact checking company FactCheck to deal with this issue in a far better way.

We hope that you were able to report bogus news on Facebook.


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