How to Know When Someone Was Online on Snapchat


The best way to be sure of this is by knowing when somebody was last online on Snapchat or if they’ve opened your conversation. Here we bring you newest approaches like Snap stories, map, and others that you can use to know when somebody has been online on Snapchat. Thus, let’s begin.

Know When Someone Was Online on Snapchat

Method 1: Snap Map

This is one of the most recent feature introduced in Snpachat. You are able to leverage Snap Map to observe when someone last used Snapchat provided they have not turned it off.

So as to do this use the following steps.

Launch Snapchat and go to Snap Map by usingzooming out gesture on the Camera screen.

On Snap map, spot the person who you’re interested in and tap on their Bitmoji.

This will show the details of the user with the timestamp when they were last on Snapchat.

This is the simplest way to know anyone’s internet action on Snapchat. But like I said earlier if they’ve disabled Snap Map then you have to follow along with the other procedures.

Strategy 2: Stories

Everyone can imagine this one. Just visit the Stories section and see if they’ve uploaded . If it’s there then they’ve utilized Snapchat in the previous 24 hours. To get the precise time you’re able to look at the timestamp under their narrative.

Method 3: Messages

Send them a message using chat alternative. It will show Delivered under their title in the conversation screen which will change to Opened once they read your message.

Additionally, it shows the time once the conversation was opened. With this advice, you can get to know when and if they came online. Apart from delivery and open status, it will also notify you if somebody took a screenshot of this chat screen.

Strategy 4: Know if Someone’s Online

Since Snapchat supports typing indicators you’ll get a push notification if someone starts composing a message to you.

If you observe any of the aforementioned two then it’s confirmed they are online at the point on Snapchat.

We hope that you could tell if somebody has been online on Snapchat.


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