How To Use AirDroid Offline Or Without Internet


AirDroid, a device management program using which you can use or handle some of your device works from the desktops or PC. All you require to do is log into through the exact same account on both the Android and PC in order to get your device data on the desktop.

Usually, AirDroid requires an active Web data and connection for remote accessibility of this gadget. This means no matter where your device is, it’s possible to still accessall of its information and handle it from the PC.

You can manage your device either in the web browsers or even a committed program from the desktop computer. Not only handle but see its actions, make calls, send texts and also get all the notifications directly to your PC. However, what should we said you can use AirDroid offline or without Web and access your device on your PC? Let’s see how.

Use AirDroid Offline

While applying this system, you will continue to be able to ship or transferfiles, download them from the device to PC, view and do virtually all the features. You could also obtain premium features such as making calls or accessing the unit camera from the desktop whilst utilizing AirDroid offline. Follow these measures to know how.

Step 1

Proceed to your AirDroid Android program and out of the dashboard tap Tools.Here you may observe different programs where you have to choose Tethering.

Step 2

Today you can see, Hotspot choice, and we will do it using local Wi-Fi connection. Tap on Wi-Fi HOTSPOT SETTINGS. It will take you to the device hotspot setting, enable it and return to the AirDroid program.

Step 3

Then this program will reveal the IP address just over the hotspot logo. Now connect your desktop to the Hotspot generated via the AirDroid program. No internet required.

Step 4

When you are linked to the hotspot, open the web browser on yourPC. About the URL bar form the IP address shownon the Android device mentioned in the above step and input.

A notification will pop up in your device where you have to tap Accept. You can now observe the webpage for AirDroid will be opened and you can handle or access your device without an active Internet connection. The sole downside to this approach is you may just access it using the web browser, not the dedicated program on PC.

Hope you got the way of linking AirDroid without any Internet connection. However, it may only be achieved when both the device and PC are near as it requires linking via the hotspot. Enjoy surfing your Android smartphone directly from your desktop without having to pick it up each timea telling rings.


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