How to View Someone’s Facebook Story Without Them Knowing


The Idea of Stories was first initiated from the Snapchat Team. However, as soon as it obtained a gigantic response from the consumers, nearly any social networking applications too added it, Facebook and its Allies being among them. Usually, a story uploaded on some other social networking program looks only for 24 hours. Immediately after 24 hours, the story disappears automatically. At times, we need to see someone’s Facebook story anonymously, however, things get somewhat complicated while doing this. But with the help of an unofficial workaround, you can view someone’s Facebook story without them knowing. If you find this item interesting, just follow the manual as mentioned previously. Works just on Android or iOS devices. An energetic Wifi or data connection allowed on your apparatus.

An updated Facebook application.

For demonstration purpose, we will use an Android device. Rest assured, measures will stay the exact same for both iOS users.

Measure 1: Foremost thing is, go towards the Facebook application on your device. On top of the feeds, you will be able to see all the stories posted with your buddies.

Notice: Make sure every one of the stories are loaded properly. However, if any story looks as vague, then, refresh the program at least twice to three times to load the story entirely.

Step 2: After all the stories are loaded correctly, depart in the Facebook by just pressing on the Home button. Now, switch off both the Wifi and mobile data.

Step 3: After the online link was disabled completely in your device, start the Facebook program again and tap on the story that you want to view without notifying the consumer. You are going to understand you will have the ability to view the story correctly.

Step 4: once you’ve viewed this story, exit the app and turn on your mobile data or Wifi back again. Proceed towards the Facebook application and you’ll realize that the story looks having an outer circle coloured as gloomy, meaning you have viewed the Story. Rest assured that your friend will not have the ability to understand about it.

Note: Do not open the same Story back, as when you do so, the Story writer will instantly get to learn about it.

Watch Someone’s Facebook Story Without Notifying Them

That is it. After following the above steps, you may come to know this is actually the best and easiest way to view someone’s Facebook story without them knowing on any of those devices i.e. either on Android or on iOS. However, such is not the case for either Windows or Mac apparatus, as you can not find the Facebook stories on these devices as of now.


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