How To Delete Snapchat Cache On iPhone


Snapchat is one of the most popular photo sharing application used by millions of people across the world. With regular updates coming every now and then and also the inclusion of a lot of mad filters, even Snapchat is turning out to be a dope. Although everything is fantastic in this photo sharing application, however, it is highly demanding in terms of storage. The longer you use the application, the more space it takes on your own apparatus. Well, the iPhone users with 64 GB or 256 GB won’t face any matter, however, if you’re on a limited storage version of iPhone, get ready for the instantaneous conveying”Storage Full”. Snapchat information is generally stored in the shape of cache, also if you’re low on storage, the best that you can do is delete the Snapchat cache as soon as possible. Normally, the cache can be utilized for its fast loading of the media, however, area is that the tradeoff. We do not want our iPhones to be in reduced storageright?

Delete Snapchat Cache on iPhone

Measure 1: first step would be, you need to go to the Settings and then, click on okay the General > iPhone Storage/iCloud Usage.

Measure 2: Currently, simply scroll down the screen downwards until the Snapchat option seems. Click on it.

Measure 3: A new display appears on your apparatus showing you the exact storage space consumed from the Snapchat application. In addition to this, the Records and Information section is what we call as the cache file.

Step 4: Then, to clear the cache from this Snapchat, you will find an option”Delete App”. Click on it.

Note: It is mandatory to take notice that uninstalling the application will clear all the cache and trash files. All the Snaps which you’ve seen lately need to be reloaded again. Evidently, it’s going to consume your own mobile data even for your Snaps you have loaded before deleting the application.

Step 5: Once the program is successfully uninstalled from your iPhone, head back towards the App Store and install it on your iPhone.

Step 6: Once the app is downloaded, launch it. Input the login credentials in the provided space and log back to a Snapchat account.

Clear Snapchat Cache On iPhone

That’s it. Contrary to Android, there’s no straightforward method to delete Snapchat cache on iPhone, however, in the lack of any hardy solution, this workaround works as anticipated. I believe, deleting and installing the application, again and again, is a clumsy approach, but this is what we have at the moment.


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