How to Convert HEIC Image to JPG or PNG


With the launch of iOS 11, Apple brought a major change in a way photos are stored onto iOS devices. In case you are using an iPhone 7 or over and updated to iOS 11, then the photos captured from your camera will now be stored from HEIF format by default. By this time, you may be considering to what really the HEIF format is and whether it is beneficial for you as well as your device or not? Well, HEIF stands for High-Efficiency Image Format, that catches your photos in a much higher quality and also it takes less storage space in comparison to JPEGs or PNGs. Isn’t that a wonderful move by Apple? The user using 16 GB iOS devices facing a lot of problems due to reduced storage can relax and enjoy shooting maximum photos. However, the recently added format includes a drawback i.e. most image editors and also non-iOS apparatus don’t need support for your HEIF format (.HEIC files). So, if you wish to see iPhone image files on other devices without facing any problem, the very best is convert HEIC image To JPG Or PNG.

Convert HEIC Image to JPG or PNG

The principal benefit of all HIEC format is the fact that it supports 16-bits color compared to the 8-bits on JPG. It saves a whole lot of storage with comparable image quality in your iOS apparatus in comparison to JPEG format and subsequently making it a more adored format by the iPhone fans. However, compatibility is an issue. Anyways, we’ve already got you covered here.

For Android Users

If you want to see HIEC format image in your Android apparatus, then the greatest and easiest way to do so is to e-mail that the HIEC format photos to your self and get the same as an attachment. The email servers will automatically convert these photos into JPEG or PNG format, which makes it way easier for you to see those images on your Android device with no excess effort.

Microsoft Windows does not support the HEIC format photos, also if you are on Mac, you’ve got to be on macOS High Seira or above. In case you met with not one of the pre-requisites, iMazing HEIC to JPEG image converter will perform the work for you. It is a completely free software that’s compatible with Windows and Mac and can the work without any neglect.

Step 1: Firstly, you want to download the application from here.

For demonstration purpose, we will be using a Windows 10 apparatus. Rest assured, measures stays the same for Mac apparatus.

Step 2: After installing this program, launch it. Now, drag your HIEC format files onto the app’s window.

Step 3: once you’ve added the photos, click on Convert button and after that, select a goal location to save the PNG or JPEG files. Wait for some time and you will see that your files are converted successfully. Now, you’ll have the ability to see those files in your Windows or Mac apparatus.

You truly don’t need to take action. HEIF image format is native to iOS devices, whichever variant of iPhone you’re using. However, you need to be on iOS 11 or over. In case you’re not, just try to mail the image to yourself and download the same as an attachment. It will definitely work.

That is it! This is how you are going to convert HEIC Image To JPG or PNG. Though apps like WhatsApp, Email clients, and Dropbox are compatible with this image format, however, the majority of the image editors don’t. Anyways, now you don’t need to worry about it because regardless of which device you’re using, we’ve got you covered.


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