How to Auto-lock your PC when you walk away


Together with the release of Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft introduced a new security feature, namely Dynamic Lock, which auto-lock your PC when you walk away. It links your phone/smart device and your PC via Bluetooth connection. Your PC will be secured automatically only when your device is disconnected with the PC for more than 30 minutes. Once your PC is locked from the Dynamic Lock, it will not get unlock until and unless you flashed again along with your Password, PIN or even Windows Hello. Isn’t that sounds interesting considering that the security it has to offer? Well, if you want to try out this inbuilt attribute from Microsoft, subsequently, simply follow the method discussed below.

Pre-Requistic Before You Lock Your PC When You Walk Away

Before you move further, you want to check some basic requirements to lock your PC when you walk away. Well, firstly you have to set a device via Bluetooth with your PC. To do that, just follow the steps

Measure 1: Firstly, go towards Start menu and then tap on the Preferences icon. A new window opens . Now, click on the Devices alternative.

Step 2: Next, turn to the Bluetooth on your PC, whether it seems to be switched off. Now, click on”Insert Bluetooth or new apparatus”. Your PC will automatically search for the device.

Step 3: When looking for the effects, click on your preferred device and await some time for the device to be paired successfully with your PC.

Measure 1: After pairing the Bluetooth device , again, head towards the Start menu and then click Settings alternative.

Measure 2: Now, click the”Accounts” and then, tap on Sign in choices from the left-side panel.

Step 3: Scroll the display till you find a choice, namely”Dynamic Lock”.

Note: should you wish to assess whether it is working correctly or not, you are able to do so by simply turning off the device’s Bluetooth and wait for 30 seconds. You will see that your PC is locked automatically.

That’s all. Once your device leaves the range of Bluetooth, your PC will automatically lock inside 30 minutes. You are provided with a 30 seconds time window, so be sure it safe on the market, else a person may get grip on your PC in that time period. I also wish there could be a feature to reconnect again automatically after you return close to the device, however, now, it can’t be carried out.


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