Download and Share Facebook Messenger Stickers to WhatsApp & Other Apps


If you are a stickers lover that uses it in the majority of the conversations or comments on social networking or chatting apps, then you are going to enjoy this report. This report will take you through the way you can download and discuss Facebook Messenger stickers to WhatsApp or some other apps.

I will tell you the way you can spare Facebook Stickers to almost any desired place in your Android smartphone. Apart from downloading Messenger stickers, you can send it to WhatsApp but also place it to Facebook status update also share with any other program.

Download and Share Facebook Messenger Stickers to WhatsApp or Any Program on Android

You don’t need any third party program to get into the stickers. The only program you will need is File Manager.

Please be sure your Facebook Messenger program is updated so the new and updated stickers can be saved and shared.

1) Open file Supervisor on your Android device. If you don’t have any file manager, download ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.

Note: I am using the default file Manager so the measures may differ slightly to you.

2) as soon as you start the File Manager, under Phone Storage, tap on Android folder.

4) Search for “com.facebook.katana” folder and tap on it to start.

5) Next, choose folder.

6) From the next screen, tap on stickers folder.

7) After this, then navigate within folders to view all of the stickers as shown in the picture below. Inside every folder, you may find one decal

8) as soon as you view the decal, long tap on it and choose share alternative. This will open the apps to split the stickers.

9) You are able to choose WhatsApp if you wish to send the decal to some your WhatsApp contacts.

In a similar manner you are able to download A Person ‘s WhatsApp Status on your mobile phone.

Save Facebook Messenger Stickers to distinct place & straight share from WhatsApp & other Apps

You are able to copy all of the Messenger stickers to a place like at a gallery so you can directly send the stickers to anyone.

1) so as to replicate it to the gallery, long tap on the decal and choose copy choice.

2) Navigate back to the Phone Storage and look for the DCIM folder. Open the folder and paste the decal.

3) Now to confirm, start the gallery onto your telephone and you will see the decal there.

As I have used different File Manager, the measures might vary. If you face any problem or even unable to find the appropriate choice to find Facebook stickers in your mobile then do drop an opinion.


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