How To Disable Safe Mode on Android Device


No operating system is free of problems, and that includes Android. Since Android is open source, it is exposed to a number of problems. Great thing is that you can count on a useful attribute called Safe Mode. It’s a feature that is there to assist us get to the bottom of whatever is causing us problems. You’ve obviously done your homework on the way to boot into safe mode but also you ‘re experiencing some trouble getting out of it. The good thing is that you simply won ‘t have to turn to complex applications to get the job done. You may disable protected mode on Android with a few simple techniques.

Methods to Hide Safe Mode on Android

There are 3 ways to get out of protected mode on Android device.

1) Restart Your Android Device

I know you’ve discovered this suggestion a lot of occasions, but have you tried it? It’s always suggested for a reason. Sometimes that’s all you will need to get your Android device out of protected mode. Safe mode is not designed to stay on for more than just a session, so if you reboot you should be able to get out of it.

This technique might or may not work depending on the sort of Android device you have. Some may tell you that it won’t perform although others are going to tell it’s the strategy that worked for them. It’s ‘s worth a try since you never know what the result will be.

Switch off your Android device and flip it forth. While it’s booting, press up the volume and power button at precisely the exact same moment. If pressing the volume button didn’t function, you can replicate the process but now press the down volume.

3) Pull From The Battery

Before you even think about pulling out the battery, make sure that you turn off your Android device first. Once it’s off, start the rear of the unit and take out the battery. Leave it outside for a couple of minutes to ensure that all of the power could drain.

Wait a few more moments and turn your device back on. The secure mode index should be gone.

4) Factory Reset

Drastic times call for drastic measures. You’ve tried everything and that safe mode index simply won’t move away. A factory reset must only be your choice if each possible strategy out there hasn’t worked for you. Before you do a reset, then you should be aware that everything on your own phone will be erased.

That’s why you should make a copy of everything that you overlook ‘t need to lose. In the event you’re confident that this is what you would like to do, visit your device’s settings and then to Backup and Reset. Your Android device will show you what a reset entails and what information will be missing.

In the event you’re still certain that this is what you need to do swipe all the way down and tap Reset. The time this will require will depend on how much information you have on your cell phone. This procedure is also beneficial to wash out your Android device and get rid of anything that has been slowing it down.


Safe Mode is designed to assist us solves problems but occasionally it can turn into one when it is possible to ‘t disable it. Here you have various techniques to turn off safe mode on Android mobile phone. In case you have any queries, don’t hesitate to talk about your ideas in the comments. Also, do share which method assisted one to disable safe mode on your Android device.


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