How To Disable Cortana On Windows 10


Cortana, Microsoft’s own voice help, justlike Google’s Assistant along with Apple’s Siri. Microsoft has generated Cortana more advanced from the new Windows 10. Having voice help can be quite annoying since most of us are not utilized to it especially on PC. But what if it’s possible to disable Cortana and still use the Windows 10 and its entire functionality?

The other reasonto disable Cortana is that it runs in the background and takes up RAM as well as stores your personal data, which in certain cases is fine although it monitors your system activities all the time. Disabling Cortana won’t only reduce the RAM use but also let you use the PC with no voice controls. So here we are likely to share with you the approach to disable Cortana on Windows 10.

Disable Cortana About Windows 10 Readily

Now there are just two versions of Windows 10 as of now, theWindows 10Homeand a different isWindows 10 Pro. Disabling Cortana is different in both of these. We’ve mentioned the process for the versions.

Disable Cortana About Windows 10 Home

Disabling Cortana on Windows 10 Home is really straightforward and we’ll do it with Windows Registry Editor, just follow the steps below.

Or you may press Windows R key to start the Run program, put it and hit OK.

Now the program will request accessibility, and allow it by clicking on Yes. After this Registry Editor will open.

If there is noWindows Search, then create it.

Select the created Windows Search folder and onto the right side of the panel >NEW< then select DWORD (32-Bit) Value and name it as AllowCortana.

Double click AllowCortana, provide the value 0 and then select OK. The Cortana will be disabled and won’ttrouble you any more.

Note:This method may be reversed once Windowsis updated, but you can follow the exact actions to disable Cortana again.

Disable Cortana About Windows 10 Pro

Disabling Cortana on Windows 10 Pro is easier when Compared to Windows Home. Here it will be done using the Group Policy Editor with only a few clicks. Follow the method below to achieve that.

About theWindows search bar kind group coverage. Or like from the above mentioned method open the Run program, typegpedit.msc and click on OK.

Once the left side panel of this Group Policy Editor is started,go toComputer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>hunt. After this, you may see on the right panel Allow Cortanaclick at it and select Edit.

This may start the Cortana editor menu, so here indicate the round box at front ofDisabled. Click on OKand yoursettings will likely be spared.

Now from the Search option where there is Allow Cortana, you’ll have the ability to see Disabled. That’s it, Cortana is disabled on your PC.

Final Words

You’ll certainly have the ability to disable Cortanafrom your Windows10 if it’s Home or Pro. But that doesn’tmean Cortana is futile, like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri it has some benefits, but as it’s very fresh, it really can be hard or complicated to work with, that too on desktops and PC.


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