How To Delete Paytm Account From App And Web


Paytm, a very fast growing online payment app that has increased its popularity in India. It means pay through mobile, where you are able to pay invoices, recharge, and also create different payments through the app when conserving time. Paytm provides great services, but perhaps there are certain issues because of which you might not wish to keep on utilizing the Paytm or the accounts created.

You may have switched to a different number, altered your device or not have the accessibility to the number which you used to make the Paym account. There are a couple of ways with which you can delete your Paytm accounts from the smartphone utilizing Android or iPhone application, email/call and straight from the net. So allow ‘s view the ways to delete Paytm account.

Publish Paytm Account From Program

Well, there’s absolutely no direct method to delete your Paytm accounts in the app, however, you can follow the following steps for doing so.

Open the Paytm app on your mobile and in the main homepage of the app tap the hamburger icon on the top left. From that slide menu, pick 24X7 Help.

Today you will see a list of options which Paytm will indicate for assistance. Harness More Products & Services, return and select the Profile settings.

Again the app will list you with a couple of issues, where you’ve got to select I want to permanently close/delete my accounts.

After this pick, I have misplaced my phone/forfeited my number. Then Paytm will reveal to you the essential steps involvedin deleting your Paytm account.

Now go towards the bottom of this page and select Message Us. Here you’ll need to provide a legitimate explanation why you wish to delete your accounts forever and then tap Send.

Bear in mind,prior to sending the information, ensure that your Paytm accounts or wallet is vacant. Later the service guys from Paytm will contact you and within 4-5 days your account will be deleted forever. Close the accounts will probably unlink your email identification, bank accounts, and contact number.

Delete Paytm Account Utilizing Call Or Email

In this system, you can simply delete your Paytm accounts by contacting Paytm either by call or email. In my view, calling is the best option as in this method your petition is enrolled and implemented immediately.

You can contact Paytm through a call on0120388388 or write an email to [email protected] Remember you should call from the number which is filed with Paytmand from the emaildo attach yourid proof so that they can verify your account.

Publish Paytm Account From Internet

Open the Paytm website on the browser and then log in withyour Paytm credentials.

Now spend the mouse pointer to your profile name and from there pick 24X7 Help.

This will take you to the help page. Under, Helpus understandyour concern click onMy account. And then pick issue group,I want to permanently close/delete my accounts.

Further, selectI have lost my phone/forfeited that my numberand then it will reveal to you the hints for closing the accounts similar to in the cell app.Scroll down and select Message Us.

Just like in the app, compose a message into Paytm stating the basis for deleting the Paytm accounts, provide a legitimate email identification, and selectSubmit Your Query.

After this Paytm will contact you and also provide the data for deleting your accounts using a confirmation message or email once the account is deleted within 2-4 days.


These were the ways to delete your Paytm accounts indefinitely. There’s no direct solution for deleting the accounts, no matter what method you select you will require in order to contact Paytm team and after that wait for their additional instructions for the same.


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