How to Decrease Screen Brightness Below Minimum Level on Android


We have got almost every facility on our telephones. Still, there’s 1 thing even the flagship devices absence. It’s nothing, however prolonged battery life! And battery life depends a lot on the brightness of the device.

You could be an Android consumer, looking for an effective way to keep at least 10% battery juice at the conclusion of the day. Just like what happened for me, some normal battery saver apps may have fooled you as well. And even following some suggestions to boost battery life you are not getting good outcomes. That’s why I am here on this article to give you a practical program.

Decrease Screen Brightness Below Minimum Level on Android using Pixel Filter Program

Have you got a habit of checking the battery use on your Android smartphone? If you overlook ‘t own it, then I recommend you do it often. You’ll get an concept about exactly what makes the battery juice ooze outthere.

On most of the smart phones, the display will take up too much electricity. Given below is a battery use graph taken from my mobile phone. You may obviously see exactly what uses the battery life the most.

Evidently, what I had was finding a more efficient app to reduce the energy consumption of my screen. I knew all those overall battery savers wouldn’t help here. Guess what? I found an app called Pixel Filter. It displays some pixels on your display. Consequently, drop in display brightness below minimum amount.

Let’s have a look at the installation and configuration of this app.

1) You’ve got to install the app first. Look for Pixel Filter on the Play Store or just click the linkto hit the installation page.

2) Once you complete with this installation, it is possible to open the app. Astonishingly, you won’t get any port . Alternatively, you can feel the brightness decrement.

3) In order to configure the app settings, you will need to pull the notification panel and then hit the Configure option below the entry you see there.

4) At this step, you will have the following options on the screen. Let me help you understand all of those.

Pixel Pattern:Here, you choose the pixel deactivation design. By defaultthey provide you with seven options (my option is 88%). It is also possible to fiddle with the custom ones also. Keep in mind that the higher variety of deactivated pixels implies the lesser degree of brightness and details (and of course reduced electricity consumption).

To Avoid Pixels Burn-in Shift Pattern Every:Don’t worry about it. This one determines the length a specific pattern remains active. In the event you choose 5 minutes , it is going to change the routine every 5 minutes.

Hide Notification out of Status Bar:Using this option turned on, you will not have a notification icon (but yeahthe notification entry remains there and you’re able to see it by dragging your finger ).

View Light Level:We all know the display ought to be glowing in great lighting condition. Therefore, you may turn this on to get the app manually disabled under bright lighting. Another choice can be found beneath to feel the current lighting amount and also make it a standard.

Turn off Key Backlight on Samsung Phones:As the alternative, itself says, your Samsung apparatus ‘s physical important backlights won’t work once you check this option (my device would be OnePlus 3, and then I didn’t do this to function. Thus, it might just utilize Samsung phones).

I prefer maintaining Pixel Filter allowed almost each moment. Whenever I want a bright display, I tap the app or the notification entry. Trust me, you will find a substantial improvement in electricity consumption as you begin using this app.

Caution:You might need to flip Pixel Filter off to get the best screenshots. Have a look at the first screenshot, that I shot with the app enabled.

Wrapping Up

The most important thing is straightforward. Pixel Filter does conserve battery life by lowering the display brightnessbelow theminimum degree and I am happy to recommend it for you.


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