How to Add Links To Snapchat Stories or Chats


Finally, Snapchat has attracted links to its platform. If Snapcodes for sites weren’t useful enough then that should definitely draw in a good deal of content marketers towards Snapchat. With the latest update for your own iOS and Android app, now you can attach a link to your own snap. You may then either send it as a conversation for friends, add to a story or do both. Let’s take a look how to use this latest feature and include links to Snapchat.

Before you proceedahead, update the Snapchat app to the latest version10.12.0.0(Android) and 10.12.1(iOS) or later on your smartphone.

  1. Launch the Snapchat app and click a photo or record a movie. You may even pick up the photo/video from Gallery or Camera roster if desired.
  2. After the snap is ready it is time for editing. If you are about the updated version you need to see a paperclip/attachment icon at the top right in which other editing options are present. Harness it.
  3. On the next screen, you may either type the particular site link or paste in case you’ve already copied one to the clipboard. Harness on Allow for Snapchat to automatically discover links you’ve copied recently. When the copied link trailer shows up tap it to open the web page.
  4. When the URL is loaded tap Attach to Snap to add a link to a snap(photo or video). Once you include the link then you can either send it to your friends individually in post or chat to yourstory.

Yes, it is that simple and fast. Similarly, you may add links to other snaps.

The Way to Open or View the Sent Links in Snaps?

If you would like to open the link added to a snap on your own Story then open that particular picture or movie andswipe up. Harness the paperclip icon to view the site.

Open Link on your own Story

To see links in obtained snaps or in stories just swipe up while viewing that Snap. To figure out if a snap includes a link added for it or not you have to look at the bottom centre whilst watching the snap. When there is a link attached then you’ll see an upward pointing arrow and the title of the site.

Opening Link in Received Snap

We hope you will discover thefeature to send links in Snapchat useful. Don’t forget to discuss this guide to let everybody know about this cool update.


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